Middle School

Jose Briseno

Jose is 11 years old and is in the 5th grade at Kiefer Middle School. His favorite subject in school is math and his favorite food is pizza. He enjoys playing basketball when he is not in school. His favorite movies are all of the Star Wars and his favorite TV show is The Amazing World of Gumball.


Avery Kearney

Avery is 12 years old and in the 6th grade at Kiefer Middle School. Her favorite subject is science.  She loves to eat hamburgers, chicken, and fish. When she is not in school, she likes to draw and play piano.  Her favorite movie is Iron Giant, Monsters Inc.,  Wall-e, and her favorite TV shows are Futurama and The Simpsons.













Junior High School 






High School

Destiny Spangler 

Is a 15 year old in 9th grade at Kiefer High School. Her favorite subject is English and her favorite foods are Ramen noodles, smores, and cookies. Whenshe is not in school she watches movies and TV shows, play soccer, run in cross country, hang out with her friends, and draw. Destiny love Jesus, her dog, friends, and family. Some of her favorite movies are The Outsiders, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Her favorite TV shows are Lost, The Goldbergs, and Stranger Things.