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August 22 – 26



Monday:  Pancakes, syrup or cereal, fruit, and milk

Tuesday: Goody bun, cereal, fruit, and milk

Wednesday:  Blueberry bagel w/ topping, or cereal, fruit, and milk

Thursday:  Breakfast boats, or cereal, fruit, and milk

Friday:  Cereal, string cheese, fruit, and milk


Monday:  Crispitos, salsa and chips, pinto beans, fruit, and milk

Tuesday:  Pepperoni pizza, corn, fresh baby carrots, ranch dressing, fruit, and milk

Wednesday:  Super nachos, refried beans, southwestern lentils, fruit, and milk

Thursday: Turkey and cheese sub sandwich, dark green leaf lettuce, tomato slice, sweet potato fries, fresh kiwi, and milk

Friday:  Corn dogs, tater tots, green beans, and fruit