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About Autumn Williams


 Autumn Williams has been employed by Kiefer Public Schools since August 2008. She has taught 2nd Grade for 9 years. Mrs. Williams graduated from Kiefer High School and received her Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Northeastern State University and is Certified in Early Childhood Education, Business Education, & Career Tech Business.

          On a more personal note I am married to, Zack Williams, who is from Ardmore.  We have a son, Zan Williams, who will be 15 years old in October and a daughter, Remi Williams, who just turned 6 in August .  As much as in care for Zan and Remi, I also care for each child in my class. I take my responsibility as an educator to heart and pray that we have the best year possible.
         If you have any questions please feel free to call me at school 321-5444. If you have any concerns about your child and would like to meet with me, the office can set up a time for you.
  When parents understand the expectations of the school and their child's teacher they are better able to support and encourage academic success in the education of their child.   

Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!

            Mrs. Williams


Autumn Williams

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