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8th Grade Page



Class Officers:

- President

- Vice President

- Secretary

- Treasurer


Class Sponsors:  Lorrie Quinnelly



T-Shirts Coming

          The 8th Grade T-shirt have been ordered. Once students have signed the numbers for the backs of the shirts, they will be printed.

Current 8th Grade Fundraiser
     8th Graders are selling popcycles through April. Funds will be used to help page for graduation expenses as well as brag boards and easels.
Cap & Gown Costs                         
      Fee for caps and gowns for graduation will be $22. That can be paid anytime between now and April 15.
8th Grade Lunch March 25
       Our traditional 8th Lunch off campus is coming up March 25. Students will be voting on a location in the next couple of weeks. We will leave campus at approximately 11:15 a.m. and should return by 3 p.m. We will stop for ice cream on the way back to school as well as a park or site to take a group photo. We expect cost to be $20 to $25 per student.
     Parents are welcome to join us, but all 8th graders must ride the bus to the restaurant. If parents plan to take students home from one of our stops, they must make arrangements to check students out through the school office and let one of the class sponsors know in advance.