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New Teacher Academy

New Teacher Academy

Welcome to Kiefer Public Schools.   We are glad you are starting your teaching career as a Kiefer Trojan!   Teaching is a rewarding field, but can also be very challenging, especially as a first year teacher.    This resource is designed to help you start off your career prepared for success in the classroom.  


Day 1:  Mrs. Shaw will reach out to you to give you your binder with module one materials.

Day 2:  Meet with Mrs. Shaw to discuss module one materials.  

Register for the Teaching Channel here. 

You will recieve module two materials and instructed to watch the following secondary or elementary videos:

Secondary Links

Setting Expectations

Setting the Classroom Tone

Using Humor to Review Procedures and the Syllabus

Elementary Links

Active Learning Procedure

Silent Signal Procedures

Classroom Management – Student Engagement

Managing Transitions


Day 3:  Meet with Mrs. Shaw to discuss module two.  

Watch this video over growth mindset.

Get handouts for module two from Mrs. Shaw.


Day 4:  Meet with Mrs. Shaw to discuss module three.

Watch the following two videos.

Students can Improve

Every Student Needs a Champion

Mrs. Shaw will give you your final module.

Planning for the Year as a Kiefer Trojan