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                            Welcome Back to the 2017-2018 School Year!                                                                                              

 It is with great excitement the new school year begins at Rongey Middle School.  I am truly looking forward to being a part of your child’s learning process.  Middle school marks the beginning of student independence, accountability, and self-direction in learning.  Helping students become organized and responsible will be goals stressed throughout the school year. Many exciting and challenging activities utilizing critical thinking and problem solving are planned.

In order to better understand your child, I am requesting that you please take the time to write a letter about your child and return it to school with your child by Monday, August 28th.  Because you know your child better than anyone, I encourage you to share your insights, goals, and concerns with regards to your child.  Your understanding and knowledge about your child will assist me greatly as I make every effort to meet individual needs and learning styles.


If I can be of service to you at any time, feel free to contact me via e-mail ( or by leaving a message at the front office.  I will do my best to return your call or e-mail as soon as possible.  My planning period is 5th hour (12:25-1:15) if you would like to set up a meeting.  Thank you for being actively involved in your child’s success.  Your child will have a wonderful learning experience as we work together.


School Supplies

ALL 5th & 6th grade students:

4     1-inch  3 ring binders

1      package of dividers with 5 tabs and pockets     

3      pocket folders with holes (no brads)

1      pocket folder wi brads

1      3-subject spiral notebook with pocket dividers/folder

2      composition notebooks

1      20 pack of yellow pre-sharpened pencils

4      rolls of scotch tape with dispenser

1      pack of 3x 5 index cards (100 count)                            

4      boxes of Kleenex                                                                

2      packs of highlighters

2      packs of wide-ruled notebook paper

2      packages of eraser toppers

4      Elmer’s glue sticks

1      Crayola crayons

1      Crayola markers (thick tip)

1      container of Clorox Wipes

5th grade girls only:

1      4 pack of Expo Markers (regular)

1      package of 3 x 3 Post-It notes

5th grade boys only:

1     Crayola markers (thin-tip)

1     hand sanitizer bottle

6th grade girls only:

1    container of Clorox Wipes (in addition to the one listed above)

6th grade boys only:

1   4 pack of Expo markers (thin)

2   packages of eraser toppers (in addition to the ones listed above)


Monthly Birthday Party Celebrations:

In an effort to recognize all students’ birthdays this year, we will be having one big birthday celebration each month.

Birthdays will be celebrated on the first Friday of each month during lunch time (11-11:25am) in the cafeteria. June and July birthdays will be celebrated in May; August birthdays will be celebrated in September. January birthdays will be celebrated the on the second Friday of the month.

If you would like to help us celebrate, please sign up on to bring an item/s for your child's birthday month. B-Day treats may be any snack food (cupcake, cookie, donut, bags of chips etc.) that does not include peanut products. 

Parents may check in at the office and help pass out goodies during the celebration, or parents may drop items off (by 10:30am) at the front office for teachers to pass out.  

Thank you for helping us to make each child's birthday special!

B-Day Celebration Days:

 9/1, 10/6, 11/3, 12/1, 1/12, 2/2, 3/2, 4/6, and 5/4

Sign up for Text Message Reminders

REMIND is a simple way for you to stay informed and up-to-date with what’s happening at school.  By joining REMIND, you are choosing to receive class messages via text message.  Your phone number will not be shared with anyone else in class.  You will not be able to “reply” to these messages.  To sign up, you will will need a cell phone with texting ability.


Text this number: 81010       


With this message: @rongey5      


      Text this number:  81010

       With this message:  @rongey6


Grade Checks

Students and Parents should check grades on a weekly basis using the following website:

E-mail alerts will be sent when students have missing work or when students have done exceptionally well on an assignment. Please make sure your e-mail is up to date in order to receive these e-mails.


Assignments and Grading Policy

Most social studies assignments will be completed during class time.  However, there will be times when students will have homework.  Any homework assignments will be recorded on the white board, and students will be expected write these assignments down as a reminder.  

  • Make-up work:  Make-up work will be recorded and available for students to pick up upon returning to school.  All make-up work will be placed in the RED file organizer hanging next to Mrs. Neal’s desk. Students will have the same number of days to complete the work as the number of absent days.

  • Late Work: Students will receive one social studies homework pass at the beginning of each nine weeks. Students may turn in an assignment in my class one day late with no penalty if a homework pass is stapled to the assignment.  Students may earn more homework passes by earning ten 100% papers in my class.  Any homework passes that are not used by the end of the nine-weeks may be turned in as extra credit.

  • Projects: We will be doing projects throughout the year.  Many of these projects will be completed in class, however, some projects will include work that is required at home.  No one student should ever be responsible for all of the group work. Each student will be responsible for his/her part of the group work based on his/her job in the group.

  • Grades are recorded as points rather than percentages.  Grades will be updated before Monday morning each week.  

Discipline Policy

My goal is to provide a safe learning environment that will allow all students to be successful!

Be Respectful to all people and all things

Be Responsible for your actions

Be Ready to learn


Parents may track their child’s behavior record by logging in the DOJO website (  All students will receive a username and password in order to access their accounts.




Students will be allowed to visit their lockers 3 times throughout the day- morning, lunch, and end of the school day.  Students are expected to keep their lockers clean and organized.  Except when visiting lockers, doors should remain closed at all times, and no trash/papers should be sticking out of a closed locker.  Locker checks will occur randomly throughout the year.  Students that do not maintain clean lockers will be at risk of losing their lockers.



Break Time

Students will receive 5 minutes between each class period.  During this break time, students should take a bathroom break, get a drink, and prepare for class (sharpen pencil, make sure they have all needed supplies, etc.). Since class time is only 45-50 minutes, it is important for students to remain in class.  Students will receive one “emergency bathroom pass” per nine weeks.  Students that do not use their pass may turn it in for extra credit at the end of the nine weeks.


5th grade Overview

We will be using the History Alive program as we study American History this year.   It is an excellent program that engages students and truly brings history alive!  This year, your 5th grader will be learning about the following topics:

  • Geography of the United States

  • Early English Settlements

  • Colonization

  • Slavery

  • Life in Colonial Williamsburg

  • Tensions between the Colonies and Great Britain

  • Declaring Independence

  • The American Revolution

  • The Constitution

  • The Bill of Rights

  • Manifest Destiny

  • Westward Movement


6th grade Overview

We will be using the Geography Alive and National Geographic programs to learn about Western Hemisphere Geography this year. These are both excellent programs that require critical thinking skills and cooperative work in the classroom.  This year, your 6th grader will learn about the following topics:

  • ​Tools of Geography
  • North America Mapping Labs
  • Canada
  • Great Lakes
  • Urban Sprawl
  • Consumption
  • Mexico
  • Latin America Mapping Labs
  • Developed vs. Undeveloped Countries
  • Migration
  • Indigenous Cultures
  • Andes Mountains
  • Amazon Rain Forest
  • Hurricanes
  • National Parks


Computer Lab Overview


  • Students will be using an online course called “” to become proficient in keyboarding skills.
    • Students will be given a username and password and may access the program at home if additional practice is needed.
    • Students will take a pretest at the beginning of the nine weeks and a post test at the end of the nine weeks to track their progress.
    • The goal for all students will be to type at or above 30 words per minute with a 95% accuracy. 
    • Words per Minute and Accuracy will be recorded in the grade book for each lesson completed.
  • Students will become proficient in using Google Doc, Slides, and Sheets
  • Students will learn how to use their Google accounts to e-mail, share work, and save work to Google Drive.
  • Students will create multimedia presentations.
  • Students will learn internet safety.
  • Students will learn how to use the internet in order to research effectively.


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