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Educational Websites/Important Student Username/Password Information

Britannica Encyclopedia Online
Image that corresponds to Britannica Encyclopedia Online

username:  kiefer

password:   access

Study Island
Image that corresponds to Study Island

Username:   j.doe@kiefer   (first initial.last name@kiefer)

Password:    6 digit student number

Begin by clicking on MY CLASSES


How to log in to student's Google account
Image that corresponds to How to log in to student's Google account


                  (For 5th graders – 2025)    Example for John Doe:

                  (For 6th graders – 2024)     Example for John Doe:


PASSWORD:    first initial + last initial + student number  (no spaces)

                          Example for John Doe:    jd7292712

                          Students know their student number.  If they’ve forgotten, it will be listed on Teacher Ease.


Zing Reading
Image that corresponds to Zing Reading

CODE:  5D24

Password is:  first initial + last initial + last 4 digits of student number

Image that corresponds to No Red Ink GRAMMAR EXERCISES

Username:  1st & last initial + last 4 digits of your student number (example:  John Doe =  jd4451)

Password:  1234567

IF a code is needed:


5A     strange sink 77

5B     slim turtle 45

6A     large story 91

6B    classy cat 17

Epic Books
Image that corresponds to Epic Books

Code:  KXH6522

PIN #:  last 4 digits of student number

Vocabulary Games
Image that corresponds to Vocabulary Games


Read Works
Image that corresponds to Read Works

Students must be signed into their Google accounts.

5th grade code:  CC6W74

6th grade code:  KTGABM

Scholastic Book Orders
Image that corresponds to Scholastic Book Orders

 BOOK orders due: FEBRUARY 27, 2018

Class Code is:   QHY2F

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