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Welcome Back to the 2019-2020 School Year!                                                                                              

 It is with great excitement the new school year begins at Kiefer.  I am truly looking forward to being a part of your child’s learning process.  Many exciting and challenging activities utilizing critical thinking and problem solving are planned.


If I can be of service to you at any time, feel free to contact me via e-mail ( or by leaving a message at the front office.  I will do my best to return your call or e-mail as soon as possible.  Thank you for being actively involved in your child’s success.  Your child will have a wonderful learning experience as we work together.


Welcome to Mrs. Johnson's Science and Social Studies Class!

Get ready for a great year! There are 5 main objectives for this course: to experience lots of hand's- on labs, to learn as much as possible about the application of the course to the real world, to participate in cooperative learning groups, to take responsibility for class-work and homework and to have fun! A key factor to your success is your participation. My goal this year is to give you the tools and support that you need to be a successful science student. But, I cannot do this by myself and it is important that you do all work when it is assigned.


The first tab in your binder will be for Bellwork. Bellwork be done each day and turned in at the end of the week. It will stay in your binder until the end of the week. Each Bellwork will be worth 5 points a day.

The second tab in your binder will be for labs. Labs are worth anywhere from 10-30 points each and are as important, if not the most important part of this class.

The third tab is for  Handouts. This will include this paper, your rules and procedures, tests and quizzes and other important handouts.

The fourth tab is for is Notes(I suggest loose leaf paper but you may keep a notebook in this section if it is easier for you)

The fifth tab is for vocab ( this will be done on loose leaf paper kept in your binder.

Science Binders will be worth 50 points at the end of each semester. Your science binder must be organized and in class every day. Random notebook checks will be done throughout the year. If you need a new binder please see me. Points will be deducted if your binder contains work from another class or if it is messy.

Exams  will be given over units of work and at the conclusion of the semester.

Tests will be approximately 30-40 points. Tests are very important, but labs, homework and being in school every day are just as important. You can’t do well in this class by just doing well on the tests. However, you can pass this class if you are not a good test taker. Students can retake tests after filling out the retake options sheet ( found in the classroom, and on website)

Absences: missed work must be made up within a week. The day you come back, look in the absent/make-up work folder to see what you missed. Write down the assignment, fill out the absent ticket and turn it in the absent basket on my desk within a week. After a week it becomes a zero.

Bathroom/HW passes: you get 3 passes per semester for bathroom emergencies or in place of 1 homework. What passes you don’t turn in at the end of the semester can be used for up to 15 points extra credit.

EXTRA CREDIT: . You can only do one Article Analysis per semester. Remember, extra credit is exactly what it says it is, EXTRA! This means you can only do this when you have everything else turned in).

Classroom Rules:

1. Respect yourself, other students, the school facilities and the teacher.

2. Raise your hand if you have something to say or if you want to leave your seat during class discussions.

3. Be on time and prepared to learn.

4. Follow directions the first time given.

5. Keep the learning environment free from distractions.

If you choose to break a rule: (I reserve the right to use these consequences in the order I feel is appropriate for the behavior)

1. Warning

2.Teacher/student conference

3. Call home

4. Detention

5. Referral to the office

Rewards: Daily praise, positive notes sent home, free homework or lab grade and various other perks throughout the year.   


School Supplies

All Students:

20 pack of yellow sharpened pencils  (for class use)

2 boxes of tissues

1 packs of wide rule notebook paper

1 package of eraser toppers

1 binder (doesnt matter size)

5 page dividers to put in the binder 

pencil bag with binder holes ( students will keep this in science binder and only use it for my class) 


Grade Checks

Students and Parents should check grades on a weekly basis using the following website:

E-mail alerts will be sent when students have missing work or when students have done exceptionally well on an assignment. Please make sure your e-mail is up to date in order to receive these e-mails.