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Welcome Back!

I want to welcome you to my class; I am looking forward to a wonderful year.


Teacher Ease and E-Mail:  Kiefer Public Schools uses a website call Teacher Ease and it is a great way for you to stay informed on how you are doing in class. We also have a school website; I update my website weekly with lesson plans and upcoming events. I will be uploading worksheets throughout the year on my website, if for any reason; you forget or lose the worksheet you can print the worksheet from my web page. This will be a great resource to further teacher-parent communication. Communication plays a vital role in the success of any student. You are welcome to email me with questions or concerns at any time. 


Grade Checks

Students and Parents should check grades on a weekly basis using the following website: 


E-mail alerts will be sent when students have missing work or when students have done exceptionally well on an assignment. Please make sure your e-mail is up to date in order to receive these e-mails.


Reminders: Enotes is a simple way for you to stay informed and up-to-date with what’s happening at school. You do not have to join or sign-up so long as we have your phone number on file. Your phone number will not be shared with anyone else in class. You will not be able to “reply” to these messages.


Monthly Birthday Party Celebrations:


In an effort to recognize all students’ birthdays this year, we will be having one big birthday celebration each month.


Birthdays will be celebrated on the first Friday of each month during lunch time (11-11:25am) in the cafeteria. June and July birthdays will be celebrated in May; August birthdays will be celebrated in September.


If you would like to help us celebrate, please sign up on to bring an item/s for your child's birthday month.  Once you are on the website, look for the “find a sign-up” tab at the top of the page and then use Mrs. Neal’s e-mail address ( to find the sign-up.  Please only sign up for drinks, plates, and napkins after all of the b-day treat slots have been filled. B-Day treats may be any snack food (cupcake, cookie, donut, bags of chips etc.) that does not include peanut products.


Parents may check in at the office and help pass out goodies during the celebration, or parents may drop items off (by 10:30am) at the front office for teachers to pass out. 


Thank you for helping us to make each child's birthday special!


B-Day Celebration Days:

September 6th (August-September birthdays), October 4th, November 1th, December 6th, January 10th, February 13th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1th (May-July birthdays)


Assignments: All assignments are posted on my website & student’s google classroom. Students are expected to record the assignment daily in their planner, if possible. This is the total responsibility of the student.

  • Make-up Work: If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for making up their work by checking the assignment board in the classroom and gathering any handouts from the “While You Were Out” board where they can find the day of the week folder in which they were absent. Students will have one day for everyday they were absent to have the work completed and turned in. I will also have assignments on students google classroom, where they can print them at home, or on my school website calander under the “assignments” tab.
  • Late Work: Late work is not accepted, they will receive a zero for any work not turned in and will keep that zero until the work is turned in. At the end of the nine-weeks, if the student does not complete the work it stays a zero. Zeros can greatly affect students’ grades, so I encourage you to be diligent about having assignments turned in on time.
  • Homework: All daily work that is not completed in class becomes homework and is normally due the next day, unless otherwise specified.
  • Projects and extended assignments: Throughout the year, students will be completing projects or extended assignments. Many of these projects will be completed in class. However, some projects will include work that is required at home.
  • Grades: Grades are recorded as points and/or percentages and are 20% of students grade. Assignments will be recorded as a “completion” grade, the student earns full credit if the assignment is completed and no credit if it is not completed. If you check Teacher Ease, you will be able to monitor your student’s progress. Each week, it is my intention to have all grades current by Friday evening.
  • Bonus work: I do not assign bonus work. The way for students to be successful in my class is to do the work assigned, turn it in on time and prepare for quizzes and tests. There are no surprises. Students are always aware of upcoming assignments and/or tests.
  • Quizzes & tests: Quizzes & tests will be 60% of students grade. Since student assignments are completion grades, they will recieve a quiz after every 3 to 4 lessons to ensure they understand the lessons. A chapter test will follow after the quiz after the chapter is finished.
  • Discipline: Students are expected to treat me and other class members with respect.  This element of respect provides a healthy environment for learning. Discipline matters will be handled by me as often as possible. I will evaluate each situation and apply discipline to encourage a change in the behavior. It is never by intention to punish the student, but rather, to alter an undesirable behavior. If I ever call a parent regarding behavior, please know that I am calling to seek input. If you or your parent needs to visit me, at any time, please let me know. Communication is vital to success.
  • Policies and Procedures:                                                        The policies for the class are:
  1. Be on time, on task & prepared to learn everyday  #nofreedays
  2. Respect the teacher, the classroom, other students and yourself  #benice
  3. Be responsible for your own learning  #quitcheating  #workhard
  4. Clean up after yourself and peers  #notyourmom
  5. Keep all personal electronics PUT AWAY! #onlywithpermission #notexting #notweeting #nopictures


                                                                          General rules of the class are:

  • Treat others with respect.
  •                                      “Others” includes your teacher, a substitute teacher, other students and any other person with whom you come in contact.
  • Do not laugh at or make fun of others.
  • Do not use sarcasms or put-downs.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Come to class with all supplies.
  • All assignments are due the day after they are assigned unless otherwise stated.
  • No late papers are accepted without a bonus pass. Pass allows one extra day.
  • All work will be completed in pencil.
  • No student will be allowed to return to a locker after the bell rings without a bonus pass.
  • Students must be in the assigned seat when the bell rings.
  • After an absence, students are responsible for checking “Assignment Board,” recording the assignment(s) and collecting any handout from the “while you were out” folders. Two days per day absent.

    The Consequences for the classroom are:

    1st time: Warning

    2nd Time: Lunch detention

    3rd Time: See principal/ contact parents/guardian