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About Kris Byars



                             Me   Mrs. KrisAnne Byars

                    Kiefer K-6 Art Teacher


This is my third year to teach art at Kiefer (my 14th teaching year.)   I am excited to have the opportunity to work with students in both the Lower and Upper Elementary.

My goal is to inspire students to express themselves through art, tap into their natural creativity, and gain confidence in the process.  


A little about my art experience... 


I work in my own Art Studio at my home in Beggs, Oklahoma, (called Byarspatch Studios) where, for the past few years, I have painted pastel animal portraits, created a variety of collage pieces, and made numerous acrylic pours. 

I have sold my art in a few Tulsa art shows, done some work by commission, and have entered a couple of art competitions in Okmulgee, (one of which I won first place!)  

My current creation obsession is mosaics. 

If anyone is interested in seeing anything I’ve made, you can find Byarspatch Studios on Facebook.   Here are some samples of my work, and below –  a favorite artists’ quote.  


cows     santorini