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5th Grade Science and Social Studies

Unit 1

Lesson 1: What Is an Ecosystem?

Lesson 2: What Is the Role of Producers in an Ecosystem?

Lesson 3: What Is the Role of Consumers in an Ecosystem?

Lesson 4: What Is the Role of Decomposers in an Ecosystem?

Lesson 5: How Do Matter and Energy Move in an Ecosystem?

Lesson 6: What Makes an Ecosystem Healthy or Unhealthy?

Lesson 7: How Do Ecosystems Change?

Lesson 8: How Do Humans Change Ecosystems?

Unit 2

Lesson 1: What Are Earth's Four Systems?

Lesson 2: How Do Earth's Systems Produce Weather and Climate?

Lesson 3: How Do Earth's Systems Change Earth's Surface? Performance Assessment: Writing an Article on Earth’s Systems

Lesson 4: How Do Farming and Industry Affect Earth's Systems?

Lesson 5: How Do People's Everyday Lives Affect Earth's Systems?

Lesson 6: What Can People Do To Protect Earth's Systems?

Unit 3

Lesson 1: What Is Matter Made Of?

Lesson 2: Why Are Materials Different?

Lesson 3: How Can Substances Be Identified?

Lesson 4: How Do Scientists Know When Substances Change?

Lesson 5: What Causes Substances to Change?

Lesson 6: How Do Changes to Substances Affect Their Weights?

Lesson 7: How Do Engineers Improve Materials?

Unit 4

Lesson 1: What Does Gravity Do?

Lesson 2: Why Is the Sun Brighter Than Other Stars?

Lesson 3: Why Is There Day and Night?

Lesson 4: How Do Shadows Change During the Day and Year?

Lesson 5: How Do Stars Seem to Move During the Night and Year?

Lesson 6: How Does the Moon Seem to Move and Change Shape?

Lesson 7: What Tools Do Scientists Use to Observe Space?