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Thank you for sharing your children with me this year.  Parents are the child's first and most important teacher.  I want to support you in that role.  Here are a few things I like for my parent partners to know.

  • Your kid is incredibly capable.  I will support your child's independence.
  • I will celebrate your child's achievements.
  • This classroom is for the children.  Children learn through play.  This classroom is designed for play.
  • In our classroom, we are all teachers and we are all learners.  We are allowed to make mistakes.  We try.  We try again.  We try together.
  • We dance.  We sing.  We observe.  We create.  We laugh.  We are thankful.  We pretend.  We wiggle.  We celebrate.  We explore.  We ask questions.  We take deep breaths.  We have fun.
  • Hugs (or handshakes or high fives) are always available.
  • Germs are a fact of life in preschool.  We cough and sneeze into our elbows.  We wash our hands.  And we still share germs.  The best defense is a healthy offense; good healthy food and lots of sleep.
  • Let's communicate.  I will share your child's discoveries, achievements, struggles and successes with you.  You are always welcome to spend time in the classroom, drop in after school to chat, email me or phone. 
  • I'm not perfect but I do my best.
  • And I really, really will like your kid - I like all kids.  That's a promise.  Pinky swear.





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