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Lorrie Quinnelly


Ms. Quinnelly's Schedule

1st Hour - 10th Grade Pre AP English

2nd Hour - 12th Grade English

3rd. Hour - Drama


4th Hour = 10th Grqade English

5th Hour - 12th Grade English

6th Hour - 10th Grade English

7th Hour - 10th Grade English

*Lunch break: 11:50 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.


Ms. Quinnelly's Class Rules, Policies, & Grading System

1- Respect other people and their property, opinions, and beliefs.

(That means: No name calling, no taking or messing with other people’s things without permission, and no ridiculing people when they speak in class.)

2- When Ms. Quinnelly talks, students do not.

3- Students may write in pencil or in blue or black ink only.

4- Students may not turn in papers with “shreddy bits.” Remove them always.

5- Absolutely NO BACKPACKS are allowed in the classroom or outside Ms. Quinnelly’s door in the hallway.

6- Students may have a bottle of water in class. No metal water containers of any kind; no gum, food, or soft drinks are allowed.

    (There are exceptions to the food and drink rule, such as class projects that incorporate food or soft drink and special events when pre-approved by Ms. Quinnelly.)

7- Students may use any supplies in Ms. Quinnelly’s cabinet, but all supplies must be put away and stored neatly when students have finished with them.

8- Students should use the restroom and get a drink BEFORE they come to class. Class time is class time, and we will not be roaming the halls in search of the restroom or water fountain.

9- Cell phones must be stored in the designated holder in the back of Ms. Quinnelly’s classroom during class.

10- What’s on Ms. Quinnelly’s desk belongs to Ms. Quinnelly, not students. Ask before you borrow.

11- Staplers, pencil sharpeners, tape, extra pencils, make-up worksheets, etc. are located on the computer table for student use. Do not use the ones on Ms. Quinnelly's desk.

12- Homework/classwork/project line policy:

      Homework, classwork, and projects are due by the end of the day (3:20 p.m.) on their due date. Homework, classwork, and projects turned in one day late will receive an automatic 50% deduction to the grade. Homework, classwork, and projects turned in after that will receive no credit. Work is due when it is due. This rule will be STRICTLY enforced! ***

13- Due dates will be posted in the classroom. Sstudents will be expected to keep up with due dates on their own. Ms. Quinnelly also will give oral reminders of due dates to help students stay on top of their classwork.

14- Make-up policy:

       Students will have one day to turn in work missed due to absence, field trip, athletic events, or other school activities. Athletes should arrange to turn in work that will be missed before attending a scheduled event. Students will have one week to schedule a time and make up any quizzes or tests missed due to absence, field trip, athletic events, or other school activities. ***

15- Grading system

            Tests – 50%

            Quizzes – 25%

            Homework/Classwork – 25%

*** For those students who have an IEP, we will be following their IEP to the letter.



Contact Lorrie Quinnelly

School Phone:
(918) 321-4445
Conference Time:
2:25 to3:10 p.m.

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