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Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Fund

Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Fund (HB1744)


House Bill 1744 is an Oklahoma law (70 O.S. § 13-101.2) that amends the Lindsey Nicole Henry (LNH) Scholarship Act (HB 3393) beginning August 26, 2011.  Section B of HB 1744 allows the parent/guardian of a public school student with a disability to exercise their parental option and request to have an LNH Scholarship awarded for their child to enroll in and attend a private school, if the child was on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) at the time of the request and spent the previous school year in attendance at a public school in the state by being enrolled in and reported by a school district for funding purposes during that year.  Section B of HB 1744 also contains a military exception to the Oklahoma school district attendance requirement.  Section B of HB 1744 further requires the parent/guardian to notify the Oklahoma State Department of Education (OSDE) directly of the intent to participate in the LNH Scholarship program.

The LNH Scholarship Application, along with specific procedures, is available on the OSDE website.  The parent/guardian must make this request by completing the application process to provide necessary eligibility and accountability information annually. 

1. The private school must meet the criteria for an eligible program.  See the OSDE website for a complete list of private schools that are eligible to participate in the LNH Scholarship Program.

2. Parent/Guardian must obtain acceptance for admission of their child to a participating LNH private school.

3. Parent/Guardian will notify the OSDE directly by submitting the LNH Scholarship Application for new applicants, or the Annual Renewal Application, and required documents to the OSDE by December 1 of the school year requested.  The required documents include: 

    · Multidisciplinary Evaluation and Eligibility Group Summary (MEEGS) form

    · Most current IEP

    · Document of Acceptance from the Private School on Letterhead

    · Submit completed application and all required documents to: 

Oklahoma State Department of Education
RE: LNH Scholarship Application
Special Education Services
2500 North Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 412
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73105
Fax: (405) 522-3503

Application packets are also available by mail from OSDE by calling (405) 521-4865

Note:  All applications received after December 1 will be processed by OSDE for the following school year.

LNH Scholarship Application

LNH Scholarship Application Procedures