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Elementary (PreK-5th)

Virtual Academy: Grades PreK-5th 



Elementary students in grades PreK-5 who are enrolled at Kiefer Public Schools can complete 100% of their classes online through the Virtual Academy Acellus program while also receiving assistance from certified, highly qualified teachers. Online elementary curriculum includes English, social studies, math, science, and interactive courses like art and physical education. All courses keep students on track to graduate. Students can choose when and where they will log in, as virtual education is accessible all day, every day, wherever students have access to the internet.

Online learners are required to meet weekly with their teacher to discuss progress, whether through a phone call or virtual setting. Additional help or tutoring is provided by district teachers for students who may struggle with course content. Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Although each course is led by a certified teacher who provides regular online support and instruction, elementary-aged students will require additional guidance and support from their parents/guardians. These students must also have a home computer or laptop to complete assignments.

If you would like more information, please contact the Virtual Academy at (918) 321-3533.

Roster Teachers: 

Dawn Donnell: PreK-2nd       

Robyn Kiddy: 3rd-5th

Course Offerenings:


Core Curricular 

  • Preschool Level 1 (semester 1)

  • Preschool Level 2 (semester 2)


Core Curricular 

  • Grade K Math

  • Grade K Language Arts/Reading

  • Grade K Science

  • Grade K Social Studies

1st Grade

Core Curricular 

  • Grade 1 Math

  • Grade 1 Language Arts/Reading

  • Grade 1 Science

  • Grade 1 Social Studies

2nd Grade

Core Curricular 

  • Grade 2 Math

  • Grade 2 Language Arts/Reading

  • Grade 2 Science

  • Grade 2 Social Studies

3rd Grade

Core Curricular 

  • Grade 3 Math

  • Grade 3 Language Arts/Reading

  • Grade 3 Science

  • Grade 3 Social Studies

Elective Options

  • STEM 1: Introduction to Coding

  • Foundations of Music

4th Grade

Core Curricular 

  • Grade 4 Math

  • Grade 4 Language Arts/Reading

  • Grade 4 Science

  • Grade 4 Social Studies

Elective Options

  • STEM 1: Introduction to Coding

  • Foundations of Music

5th Grade  (Contact School for available extra curricular activities)

Core Curricular 

  • Grade 5 Math

  • Grade 5 Language Arts/Reading

  • Grade 5 Science

  • Grade 5 Social Studies

Elective Options

  • STEM 1: Introduction to Coding

  • STEM 2: JavaScript

  • Foundations of Music

  • Elementary Engineering

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